Students from the Nevada Regional Technical Center’s Culinary Arts program were recently given the unique opportunity to cater the Nevada High School prom. This work-based learning collaboration allowed the students to gain experience working on an event deadline and relied heavily on advanced planning. The class, which was comprised of 15 students from Nevada, Butler and Rich Hill, worked closely with their instructor, MSTA member Emily Daniel, to prepare for the event. According to Daniel, the students began prepping for the prom on Thursday by going grocery shopping. They comparison shopped for products and ingredients that would be needed for the menu. On Friday, the students prepped as much as they could within class time. On the day of the prom, the students who volunteered to work the event came in for about 10 hours and prepped everything else. The prom, which was held on April 22, was attended by 230 people. Students were treated to a wide variety of food options, including mini corn dogs, pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, pretzel bites, shrimp cocktail, fruit and vegetable trays, chocolate-covered pretzels and strawberries, mini cream puffs, mini eclairs, cheesecakes, Chex mix and a build-your-own charcuterie cup station. The food was highly complimented and enjoyed by all who attended. Daniel noted that the prom was a great opportunity for other students to experience the work of their classmates in the culinary program. The class also caters for other events throughout the school year, including a fundraising night for the Nevada Country Club. Daniel believes that providing students with opportunities such as this is the number one goal for her program. She wants to provide each student in the NRTC Culinary Arts program with every opportunity to be successful in the foodservice industry.

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