About MSTA

The Missouri State Teachers Association serves more than 47,000 educators and is dedicated to educating the state’s children.

Since 1856 the Missouri State Teachers Association has been leading the way for Missouri’s educators with services and benefits. MSTA is a grassroots organization made up of local Community Teachers Associations (CTA) in each local school district. This reflects MSTA’s strong commitment to local control.

Members of MSTA set the policy and priorities of their professional association to meet the needs of Missouri educators. By joining a professional group like MSTA, members enjoy a host of valuable services and add their voice to that of other professionals.

If you’re already a member, thank you for the part you play in MSTA’s success. If you’re not a member, you’ll want to join the association that delivers results for teachers.

MSTA headquarters is in Columbia. You can reach any MSTA staff member by calling (800) 392-0532.

To learn more about MSTA and what we can do for you, contact us at membercare@msta.org.


MSTA Board of Directors

Each MSTA region or district elects members to represent its area of the state. The number of members in each region determines the number of board representatives. The Board of Directors, which guides the work of the association, is made up of at least one classroom teacher from each region.

State committees

MSTA has five committees at the state level: Education Policy; Articles, Bylaws and Rules; Communication Awards; Reading Circle; Retired Members; and Student Members. Most committees are made up of at least one representative from each MSTA region.

Assembly of Delegates

More than 1,000 members determine MSTA’s legislative agenda at the association’s annual meeting. Delegates are elected by local CTAs.


The state is divided into 10 MSTA regions. Officers and committee members from each region help shape MSTA policy, host legislative events and offer professional development opportunities for members through regional meetings.

Local CTAs

Community Teacher Associations provide a unified voice for the MSTA members who work in a particular school district. Most CTAs have salary, legislative, public relations and professional development committees to represent their specific needs.

Leader training

The MSTA Leadership Conference, held each Summer at Tan Tar A, provides the resources and training that help foster successful CTAs.


Set My Region

Set your region by specifying your Missouri school district. This does not affect your actual region associated with your MSTA membership. This only sets your region while you browse the MSTA website.

My Current Region

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