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ACTION / APRIL 16, 2021

MSTA Action - April 16, 2021

Download the pdf. Action in 30 - April 16, 2021 from MSTA on Vimeo . State Board of Education refiles expansion of substitute teachers rule In August 2020, the State Board of...

From the Capitol School choice Substitute Teachers

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ACTION / APRIL 9, 2021

MSTA Action – April 9, 2021

MSTA ACTION: MSTA supports bill to improve career and technical education, expanding alternative certification proposed, House passes gifted education mandate, and more!

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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ACTION / APRIL 1, 2021

MSTA Action – April 1, 2021

MSTA ACTION: MSTA continues to track bills that have passed at least one chamber, House Approves budget, Workforce development legislation allowing waivers for districts heard in both Senate and...

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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ACTION / MARCH 26, 2021

MSTA Action – March 26, 2021

MSTA ACTION: Voucher bill heard, voted out of Senate Education Committee, Senate Education Committee passes bill mandating structured literacy programs, and Budget gets House Committee approval,...

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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ACTION / MARCH 12, 2021

MSTA Action – March 12, 2021

MSTA ACTION: House passes bill to allow open enrollment in Missouri, Superintendent-sharing bill passes House, Public school retirement bill passes the House, Senate Education Committee hears...

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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ACTION / MARCH 5, 2021

MSTA Action – March 5, 2021

MSTA ACTION: A message from MSTA State President, Gov. Parson $280 million budget, 529 Plan Bill passage, and more!

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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Teachers eligible for vaccine immediately

Teachers who are interested in getting a vaccine are eligible to do so now at their local pharmacy, thanks to a federal plan. On March 2, President Joe Biden announced a directive that all states...

From the Capitol

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MSTA Action – February 26, 2021

MSTA ACTION: Missouri teachers eligible for vaccines March 15, Missouri House narrowly approves new $50 million voucher program, Senate awaits voteon harmful omnibuseducation bill, Ideas to...

From the Capitol PSRS/PEERS

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Missouri Teachers Set to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Missouri teachers and other school personnel are one step closer to being able to teach without the threat of COVID. On Feb. 25, Gov. Mike Parson announced teachers would be able to get the...

COVID-19 Resources COVID-19

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Urgent: your help on HB349 is needed today!

If you haven t already contacted your legislator, please let them know you oppose thisharmful legislation as soon as possible. You can use the MSTA Rapid Response to send an email, or look up your...

From the Capitol Vouchers

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