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To help educators continue to positively impact students, MSTA provides relevant, highquality professional learning. MSTA’s professional learning consultants are available to facilitate workshops or customize on-site professional learning to help meet building or district level needs. This Professional Learning Directory spotlights the opportunities MSTA can provide to help districts and educators succeed in the everchanging world of teaching.

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Graduate Credits through VESi and Avila University

Purchase an annual subscription to gain access to online continuing education courses at a significant savings available to MSTA members. You'll be able to take one course each term for a total of three courses per year. Courses are offered through a partnership with Avila University and Virtual Education Software (VESi).

  • Three graduate credit courses per year (up to nine credits) for $200

  • Learn online at your own pace from the convenience of your home

  • Choose from over 30 online courses for license renewal and salary advancement

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