The Missouri State Teachers Foundation named its November classroom grant winners. All MSTA members are eligible to apply for a classroom grant from MSTF. 

This month's honorees include:

Tammy Inman
Arcadia Valley R2 Elementary

Title: My Marvelous Missouri: 

Description: This classroom project is a creative hands on writing project that will showcase each students ability to write, illustrate, and research to inform readers about the State of Missouri.  The final project will be a hard copy bound book available to my students and parents.  It will be a memorable keepsake for years to come for each student to enjoy, or even pass on to their children. 

Heather Vinyard 
Owensville Middle School

Title: 3D Printer Filament

Description: My gifted classes have a 3D printer and we are working on learning to use 3D modeling software. Each grade level works at their own skill level to complete various projects. With $100 we would be able to buy 4 or 5 rolls of Filament for the 3D printer, so that we would have the opportunity to print more of the designs that the students create and work on STEM projects and the engineering design process.

Bernadette Bader 
Montgomery County High School

Title: Archimedes Solid Project

Description: Even in high school, students need to have hands-on experiences to learn.  In my Geometry courses, I have a project where they construct an 'Archimedes' solid (that's actually hollow on the inside).  This is a great project that the students look forward to each year.  I will use the $100 to help pay for the materials needed.  We use poster board and staples.