By Chuck Martin, MSTA President

I was recently blessed to sponsor my high school’s senior trip. It was an amazing trip. We visited multiple important places in our country including the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Mt. Vernon, Monticello and several monuments. One of the highlights for our students on this journey was a dinner and dance party on a riverboat along the Potomac. Watching our students dance the night away really inspired me to make sure each of you know what your “walk up song” is. Typically, walk up songs are used during athletic events, but let’s expand our thinking… Your walk up song is a song that will motivate you to be the best you can be as an educator!

It is essential that we continue to make daily choices to stay positive and motivate our students to excellence. We must be so positive that it drowns out the negativity around us. To stay positive, we must pump ourselves and our colleagues up regularly. Here are a few songs to help you get the vibe going. This is not an exhaustive list: "We Will Rock You," "Don’t Stop Believing," "Everyday I’m Shuffling," “Eye of the Tiger," "Heart of a Champion," "Destined to Win," “Help is on the Way,” and “Staying Alive." Establish your walk up song to remain positive and be successful in the classroom.

I have news for you! The vote is in and YOU have made the All-Star Team in education! Let’s celebrate each other and stay unified in our efforts. Not only are you champions, but you are helping to mold future champions in our communities. Can you hear your walk up song in your head, champ? Let it drown out the negative vibes that we are being bombarded with during these challenging times. We are part of the greatest profession in the world and it is amazing to think about the many obstacles we have overcome in the last two years! It’s time for us to stop saying that things are not normal. It is our job to establish the new normal. We live and work in the trenches every day. Each and every one of you has the potential to be a world changer.

Be encouraged, champions! Your students might not remember what your curriculum was, but they will remember how much you care. By now, most of us have completed this year’s standardized testing. Take time before the opportunity is lost to make sure your students know how much you care about them. Dig deep and finish strong! Together we can do this! We are MSTA!