Dear Readers,

As we prepare to move into a new school year, it is with a mix of nostalgia and excitement that I share some big news: MSTA’s School and Community magazine is transitioning from print to digital formats. For 110 years, this magazine has been a loyal companion to Missouri’s educators, documenting our journey through the ever-changing world of education. This change, while necessary, feels bittersweet.

Switching to a digital format was not an easy decision. We know how special it is to hold a printed magazine, to flip through its pages, and even catch the faint scent of ink. These experiences have been part of our shared history, creating a bond that spans generations of educators.

This transition is especially meaningful to me. My first job at MSTA, 35 years ago, was as the director of communication and publisher of this very magazine. I have seen firsthand the impact it has had on our education community, and I have treasured every moment of being part of its legacy. The memories of those early days, working hard to bring each issue to life, are close to my heart.

But as we adapt to the demands of the 21st century, we also need to embrace the opportunities that digital media offers. Going digital allows us to be more dynamic, timely, and interactive. It helps us reach a wider audience, reduce our environmental footprint, and provide content that is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. This change aligns with our commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring we continue to serve our members in the best way possible.

While we are saying goodbye to the print edition, we are excited about what is ahead. Our digital magazine will feature enriched content, including multimedia elements, interactive features, and real-time updates. We envision a platform where educators can not only read but also engage, share, and collaborate. This evolution will strengthen our community and make it even more vibrant.

As we start this new chapter, we are deeply grateful for the legacy of the printed School and Community magazine. It has been a cornerstone of our association, reflecting our values, achievements, and dreams. We honor the past while looking forward to a future filled with promise and potential.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of School & Community. Our team has enjoyed the excuse to revisit old stories from past issues. I think you will too.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to MSTA. Together, we will continue to inspire, innovate and lead the way in education.



Bruce Moe

Executive Director