1. Purpose Continuing education is expensive. Not only does it take time, effort and a desire to succeed, but there must be a means of financial support. With this in mind, Southeast Region Teachers Association is offering a scholarship to help teachers in the region pursue an advanced degree in education. It is named in honor of Ralph Ford, a Cape Girardeau educator and 1979 MSTA President.

2. Nature of Award a. This spring four (4) recipients will be chosen to receive a $500 scholarship. b. The winners and runner-up will be announced at Southeast Region’s Spring Leadership Conference. c. The scholarship will be paid directly to the college/university to defray the tuition and book costs incurred. d. If by the Fall Semester the recipient has not enrolled in a college/university, the scholarship will be revoked and awarded to an alternate recipient.

3. Eligibility a. The applicant must be an educator currently employed by a Southeast Region school. b. The applicant must have been accepted into the graduate program of the college/university. c. The applicant must be pursuing an advanced degree in education. d. The applicant must be an MSTA member.

4. Application a. The applicant must have an application form filled out and returned by March 15. b. Three (3) letters of recommendation (from people in the field of education) must be attached c. Application forms are available from CTA Presidents, your MSTA field representative, or in the Southeast Region section of the MSTA website at www.msta.org.

5. Judging a. A judging committee of a minimum of three (3), appointed by the Southeast Executive Committee will select the winner. b. Judging will be based on : 1. Financial Need 2. Devotion to education 3. Extra curricular achievements and activities. c. Awards will be made without regard to sex, religion, or ethnic heritage. d. Southeast Region reserves the right to make no award in the event that the committee receives no suitable applications