In an effort to stream-line the award process and reach more members, the Southwest Region implemented a new procedure two years ago.  We are happy to report it continues to yield more nominees than ever before.  We will continue with the nomination procedure beginning first with the CTA.  The process is no longer self-nominating.  

CTAs are encouraged to nominate one member in each of the categories.  An easy to complete Google Form will be used for each submission.   A letter of recommendation will be secured by the CTA on behalf of the nominee.  Letters may be requested from any individual, except a current member of the Southwest Board of Directors.  The CTA president is not required to write the letter.  Upon receipt of the form from the CTA, the nominee will be contacted to provide a brief personal narrative.

The SWRTA Awards Committee will continue to evaluate and score all submissions.

SWRTA will present up to two awards for Educator of the Year: one to an Elementary (Pre-K thru 6th grade) and one to a  Secondary (7th thru 12th grade).  Elementary and Secondary Educator of the Year recipients will receive a plaque, $500 and $250 to the educator’s CTA.    

Rookie Educator of the Year recipient will receive a plaque and a $250 cash award.  Applicants must not have taught more than five years.

The recipient of the Associate Member of the Year will receive a plaque and a $250 cash award.   

All nominees must be current members of the state MSTA and local CTA organizations.  Educator nominees must be full-time and certfield.  SWRTA Board of Directors are not eligible to apply for five years after serving on the board.  Those who have received an award in a specific category are not eligible to be nominated in that category again.

If there is someone in your community who has given a lot of time and resources to the cause of education, you may nominate them for Friend of Education.  You may nominate an individual, a group or a business that has supported education in your community.

Previously awarded individuals, groups and/or businesses are not eligible.

Awards will be presented at Spring TEPS, April 12, 2021 at the Double Tree Convention Center, Springfield, MO.   Winners are encouraged to attend. 

All applications must be submitted electronically by March 6, 2021

Please direct any questions or comments to the SWRTA Event Coordinator, Lisa Christianson at or text 417-234-7914.

Links to applications:

 2020-2021 Educator of the Year Application

2020-2021 Rookie Educator of the Year Application

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2020-2021 Friend of Education Application