Beginning Teacher Assistance Program Workshops

All-new two-year Beginning Teacher Assistance Program 

The Missouri Beginning Teacher Assistance Program is a two-year process that offers extended guidance and resources to help new educators thrive in their teaching journey. MSTA remains committed to providing high-quality opportunities for teachers to fulfill these standards. The standards starting in 2024-25 include: 

BTAP Requirements:  

  • Onsite or online BTAP course: MSTA offers this program throughout the year in both virtual and onsite options. 

  • Quarterly Learning: Complete structured learning once a quarter to improve practice on the skills and knowledge that positively impact student achievement.  

  • Focused Domains: The program is meticulously designed around four key domains to ensure holistic professional development: 

  • Classroom Manager and Community Builder: Develop skills to create a positive, inclusive, and well-managed classroom environment. 

  • Instructional Designer and Facilitator of Student Thinking and Learning: Enhance your ability to design effective instructional strategies and facilitate deep student learning. 

  • Professional: Cultivate a professional demeanor and engage in continuous improvement. 

  • Reflective Learner: Foster a reflective practice to evaluate and improve your teaching methods. 


Why Choose MSTA's BTAP? 

Rooted in Missouri Teacher Development System: Our program aligns with state guidelines, ensuring you meet all certification criteria. 

Flexible Learning Options: Complete your quarterly learning through a variety of engaging opportunities, such as: 

  • Onsite or Online BTAP Course: The foundation of the Beginning Teacher Assistance Program. 

  • Beyond the Book Club Book Studies: Read books to help with classroom management, engagement, work-life balance and other key topics. Monthly or two month options available. 

  • On Demand Online Courses to complete at the time that works best for you 

  • Mini-Course Combo: Collections of recorded 30-minute Webinars that can be watched and completed at your convenience. 

  • Virtual New Teachers Summit: A live learning event with workshops hosted by teacher leaders about topics of interest to educators 

  • Virtual Teacher Meetup: Connect with fellow educators across Missouri in the second, third, and fourth quarters. These sessions are led by teacher leaders from throughout the state and group participants by grade spans—elementary, middle, high school, and special areas—fostering a supportive community that enhances your professional growth. 


Ready to Transform Your Teaching Career? 

Join MSTA's BTAP and embark on a journey of mastery, confidence, and connectedness. For detailed information and to register, visit our BTAP page at 

Embrace this opportunity with MSTA and mark the start of a fulfilling career brimming with achievement, growth, and connection. 



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