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Empowering Missouri Educators

The Missouri State Teachers Association is a grassroots independent professional organization committed to educating the state's children by protecting, supporting, and educating over 47,000 Missouri educators and other professionals for more than 165 years.

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Enriching Educators

MSTA offers a variety of opportunities for MIssouri educators to grow in their profession.


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I believe every Missouri teacher should be a part of MSTA. it gives us a voice in government, legal help when needed, and a sense of larger community.

Barbara Jacobs
Eldon R-1

Latest Stories


MSTA holds 159th Assembly of Delegates

The Missouri State Teachers Association held its 159 th Assembly of Delegates in Columbia, Mo., on Thursday, Nov. 18. There were 505 delegates from across the state who voted on officers and...

Association News

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#InstaFamous: Teacher Embraces Social Media Networking

Since the early days of social media, teachers have commonly kept their profiles private in the name of professionalism. However, with the ever-evolving world of technology, many educators have...

MSTA People

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Missouri will invest $50 million to recruit and retain new teachers

Missouri will invest $50 million to recruit and retain new teachers The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced the launch of a digitally powered-recruitment...

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