2021 Virtual Leadership Conference Descriptions


Associate Member Recruitment (Member Recruitment)

Are you having a tough time recruiting non-certified staff?  Participate in this workshop and learn tips and tricks to target classified staff who may otherwise be unrepresented.

Presented by Katy Schwartz-Drowns, Northwest Region Associate Member


Creating Effective, Productive, and Engaging Meetings for Your Members (Leadership)

During this session, participants will be shown how to make CTA meetings more effective by developing a reputation for successful meetings and providing members information which is valuable that they couldn’t get otherwise.  A variety of agenda templates will be provided to help make meetings more productive.  Because no one wants to sit through a meeting with a group of whiners and complainers, attendees will be provided strategies to deal with situations when they feel as though their meeting is being taken over by dissenters.  Attendees will be given ideas and tools to help focus their meetings on member engagement rather than just a “park and bark” situation.  CTA should not be viewed as something extra we have to do during the year.  Instead, CTA meetings should be looked forward to as a time to meet with like-minded individuals and see to the business of our organization.

Presented by Brittany Merrill and Diana Ball, Cole Camp CTA


Connecting with Your CTA (Membership Engagement and Communication)

Pre COVID our CTA/Region did monthly socials to give members a different way to get to know each other.  During that time and also during COVID, we used our social media presence both as a way for members to feel supported and encouraged and also as a way to get information out to a lot of people at once who may not be checking their email regularly.  This avenue was used to get timely responses to surveys. In this session, you will learn how our CTA was able to accomplish this spending little to no money.

Presented by Ashley Stanton and Denise Peters, St. Joseph CTA


Engaging and Enlisting Members (Membership Recruitment)

How do you keep members engaged in a virtual world? How do you make sure your CTA doesn’t “fizzle” out when in-person meetings are obsolete?  In this break-out session, participants will find the answers to these burning questions.  While discussing new and exciting ways to engage and enlist CTA members, this breakout session will allow for discussion amongst different CTAs to discover different methods that work all across the state.  In this session, I will share what helps my small CTA enlist more and more members each year and be a successful voice in our district.  Participants will walk away with the ideas and materials necessary to make their CTA an exciting organization that is ready to make a change and be a voice for teachers!

Presented by Mackenzie Thompson: Scott County R-IV School District


The Good Place or the Bad School:  How You Can Create A Positive School Culture (Leadership)

Boy was that a school year. During the pandemic we saw countless good deeds. Teachers really went above and beyond to help their students and fellow teachers during a roller coaster of a year. However, we also saw teachers get ridiculed by the media, communities, and even their own administration. When it seems like the whole world is watching and criticizing, now more than ever we must help each other get through these long days. Through a series of skits, we’re going to learn together what a good work culture looks like, and how you as a leader can help cultivate a positive workplace environment.

Presented by Kyle Farmer, Scott Smith and Jane O’Toole; MSTA staff attorneys


Making Connections with your MSC (Leadership)

This session will attempt to alleviate fears and build confidence in new and veteran CTA leaders.  The collaborative relationship between the CTA president and Member Service Coordinator (MSC) will be discussed with easily implemented strategies to achieve a successful and active CTA.  The role of the CTA president and MSC will be highlighted beginning with the leadership conference to the start of the school year, through the recruitment season, continuing through the school year, and concluding in the spring.  Emphasis will be placed on the role of the CTA president in addressing membership issues and contacting the Member Service Coordinator for assistance.

Presented by Florence Minor, Climax Springs R-4 and Kim Bielinski, MSTA Member Service Coordinator


Make It Take It (Membership Recruitment)

The focus of the Make It Take It this year will be ideas you can easily implement for membership recruitment and membership engagement/appreciation. The pandemic has hit teachers hard and hit our membership numbers hard as well.  We need ways to uplift and appreciate one another as well as quick, fun and easy ways to encourage people to join MSTA.  During this session tons of ideas will be shared which will be ready to print and use. The same goodie idea will be presented with two or more taglines.  These taglines can be used in multiple ways to acknowledge staff or students.  An example would be “We CEREALously need you in MSTA” or “We CEREALously appreciate all you do for our students!”.

Presented by Amanda Bradshaw, Mt. Vernon CTA


Membership:  Start to Finish (Leadership and Data Base Management)

Membership management can be an overwhelming task, especially if you take over with little direction from others. Membership is not just keeping track of the roster. In many cases, it begins with the fall membership drive and continues throughout the school year with coordination and communication between the district’s payroll department and data processing at MSTA.  Come learn about all the membership forms in “The Box” , how membership forms and your school district’s payments are processed at Headquarters, and learn about the Dues Forward Process.  After this session, you will be an expert on MSTA membership.  

Presented by Jennifer Wagoner, Carthage R-9 and Melissa Lorts, MSTA  Director of Accounting And Finance


Panel Discussions:

  • Small School Officer Panel Discussion (Leadership)

A small school is unique with just one elementary, one middle, and one high school.  Hear how these presidents and secretaries work together to be effective in their CTA officer roles. 

  • Medium and Large School Officer Panel Discussion (Leadership)

As the size of the school increases, hear how presidents and secretaries work together to fulfill their officer roles to be effective in their school and CTA.


Social Emotional Strategies for the Struggling Educator (Work/Life Balance)

The focus of this session is to provide tools, tips, and strategies to help prevent teacher burnout.  From learning how to build in daily soul care into an already packed schedule to instilling healthy habits into daily classroom instruction.  Participants will leave this session with ideas and tools on creating and maintaining healthy habits, as well as setting reasonably healthy boundaries, that can be applied in their daily life schedule.

Presented by Lisa Toebben, Troy R-3 CTA


Treasurer Information (Leadership)

This session is to provide CTA treasurers with all the information to easily complete the necessary IRS paperwork and fulfill the filing and bookkeeping requirements of their office. 

Presented by Gail McCray, MSTA legal counsel