EMPOWERED! The MSTA mission states: “MSTA advocates for and empowers public educators so they can teach.” As members of this great organization you are empowered! MSTA provides support, clears obstacles and invests in the greatest group of people in this state, YOU!  

As teachers, we continually work to overcome obstacles. We all had abrupt school shut-downs last year and we worked tirelessly to continue educating students. We showed grit and determination. We rose to the occasion with grace. MSTA worked along with us. They  answered questions never before asked and advocated for us gaining reasonable responses to the pandemic.We faced this challenge together. Not only did we succeed, together we came out better for it!   

Like you, I decided to lean in when my school went virtual. I created cross-curricular and engaging lessons our students could complete with or without internet access. I determined that keeping connected was key to coming through these hard times. I hosted virtual student and team meetings to stay in touch with my school family. The pandemic has created challenges for all of us, but we had to rise up and get things done. I know that we were able to meet students in their time of need and I know that we all came out better for it

EMPOWERED. Empowered is what we want our students to be. Great teachers focus on ensuring our students leave our classrooms better, stronger people. Empowering them to dream, to learn, to question, to think for themselves, to stand up for what is right. At all times, especially in times of adversity, it is important for us to advocate for our students, for our communities, and for one another. Together we will work to solve the issues we are facing including funding cuts and fighting harmful legislation.  

As teachers we work to empower our students every day and as a part of the MSTA leadership I hope to find new ways to empower members to teach and lead fearlessly during this time of ever-changing challenges. I teach 7th and 8th grade Careers and Agriculture at St. James Middle School. My husband, Steve, teaches 7th and 8th grade math at Rolla Jr. High. We have been married for 27 years and have four daughters. When not at school, we love to travel and spend time at the river with friends and family. Currently I serve as the St. James CTA President and as a South Central Region Board Member. I have served in many other capacities within school districts where I have worked such as: Steering Committee, Salary Committee Chair and Welfare Committee Chair. In the South Central Region I have served as President and Vice President. On the state level I served six years on the Articles, Bylaws and Rules Committee.   

Many people talk about empowering the next generation.  Educators have the unique superpower of actually doing it – every day! I would be proud to serve as MSTA State Vice President. I firmly believe that I can make our organization better for it and I would appreciate your vote in November as we work together to empower one another and our students. Together we can be better for it… no matter what the challenge might be!